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Private Jet Charter Flights New York. That Meets Your Needs

Private Jet Charter Flights New York

At Private Jet Charter Flights New York we realize that each air traveler has different needs and we strive to make certain that they are all fulfilled. It could be as simple as a special snack but to our client it is important for their overall satisfaction. Personalized service is what made us the premiere New York private aircraft charter service..

For the finest in NY Jet Charter Service call us today at 646-200-5954
We are ready to fly when you are.

Commercial air travel has become a debacle in the past ten years and that has motivated more business and leisure travelers to consider alternative travel like our personalized aircraft service. If you are one of those considering an alternative to commercial flying consider this. With our service you never wait on a long check in line. We arrange your ground transportation to a private or smaller airport where there is no boarding time. On domestic flights you are not subject to intense full body scans and pat downs. You are served on the plane according to what you prefer on that particular day. If you have any restrictions or cravings we will take care of it. You are never stuck on the tarmac without a cocktail or other beverage. You know who is sitting next to you. Why spend more time on the ground than in the air when you fly?

If you are flying for business we offer a pay as you go system that allows you the freedom to fly when you want with no contract. You can board the aircraft, get much accomplished and arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed and ready for your meeting or presentation. Your ground transportation and your hotel are both confirmed. Your bags are with you and your ride is only feet, not miles, away. It is the only way for the smart business person to travel if time is valuable; and whose time is not? While on the plane there is professional assistance available if you require such as secretarial, legal, technical and accounting. Just let us know what you need and we will provide.

For you, the leisure time flyer, we offer every amenity that you can possibly imagine. Personalized gourmet meals served in flight to your specification. Fine wines, cocktails, and liqueurs are also provided. On board movies, the music of your choice and video games are available for you, all guests and family members. We can provide a limousine at each end of your trip and even a baby sitting service. Whatever you require we have it all covered.

So when you are ready give us a call or fill out the online form and be ready to board the finest jets in the industry. Our highly trained pilots and crew are waiting to greet you.

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Private Jet Charter Flights New York Located at
111 E 14th St, New York, NY.
Phone: (646) 200-5954